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Before Coronavirus, the cleaning industry had reached a high (and relatively comfortable) standard - now is the time for it to develop even further. Another level of cleaning is to become ‘the norm.’

The importance of anti-viral cleaning has become an essential component of this new cleaning method.

Shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, stadiums, railways and airports are all thinking of ways to reassure their customers that these are safe environments to return to. Their businesses depend on this message being successful.

The Coronavirus is here to stay, for now. Usually the longer a virus is present in the population, the weaker it becomes – but this process could take years.

The government are hopeful that a vaccine will become available before the end of the year. And though it will be an enormous task to vaccinate the UK population, it is the only course of action to get life ‘back to normal’ in the short term.

Soap and water is still the best way to get rid of the virus from your hands. And old-fashioned detergents can successfully dissolve the virus membrane. But the cleaning industry are examining ways of ensuring longer term protection -meaning that a breakdown in these basic methods will now have a back-up.

Examples of Hi-Tech Anti-Viral Cleaning Methods:

  • 1. Self-Cleaning Surfaces: ACT.Global sells a transparent coating that breaks down microbes when sprayed on surfaces. Coats will last up to a year. It needs 8 hours of light to work (it reacts when illuminated) so isn’t recommended for poorly lit environments.
  • 2. Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation: UVC (the shortest wavelength of UV) scrambles the DNA of organisms – which kills them. The Solaris Lytbot uses Far-UVC (an even shorter wavelength, less harmful to humans) and combines with UVB and UVA waves to heat, cool and generally confuse the pathogens. It runs in cycles of 3 or 5 minutes.
  • 3. Fogging: A vaporisation treatment, dispersing non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air of a room/vehicle etc. This kills 99.9% of known viruses. Since the COVID outbreak this has been used by mechanics to sanitise the inside of a car after a service.
  • 4. Cleaning by Drone: Cleaning vast areas, such as stadiums, is always challenging. US company Lucid Drone Technologies have adapted their drones to spray disinfectant, covering up to 23,000 square feet in an hour.

But with the exception of large and difficult to access spaces – there is nothing that can quite beat the human touch for professional cleaning. Cleaning staff are experienced, knowledgeable and understand exactly how to use disinfectant to sanitise the space.

In certain environments, the issue would be the frequency of this cleaning. An environment that sees many different people touching various surfaces (handles, railings etc) relies on each individual using adequate precautions - to prevent the spread of the virus. This would require regular cleaning and the availability of hand sanitiser to assist those who are passing through.

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Businesses could also consider using different materials that don’t harbour the virus – eg. COVID-19 doesn’t last as long on copper surfaces.

For the first time, we are all considering ways to prevent passing on a virus -that we had never contemplated before. Viruses came and went through the population before, but now there is one to actively avoid. We try on shoes/clothes in a shop and they go into a 72-hour quarantine, wearing masks and gloves is becoming the norm.

Life is changed. And the importance of cleanliness has never been greater.

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